ZedbetPROJECT: Name a new online sports betting and general casino website.

ZEDBET: Zed is for “Z” in Europe.

BRAND POSITION: This sports betting website serves a vast market including all of Europe, to Russia and Asia. With such a diverse set of countries, languages and cultures making up the site’s userbase, the name had to be short, simple, easy for anyone to understand, and available for both trademark AND an exact match .com domain. Zedbet was the winner. “Zed,” how the British and many Europeans pronounce the letter “z”, maps to the wide variety (“A-Z”) of sports that users can bet on using this site, and the name itself is a unique, poetic, half-rhyme with a rhythmic, symmetrical structure that is just plain fun to say, and thus easy to remember. You can bet on it.