Streamline: brush control product brand

DuPont StreamlinePROJECT: Name a selective brush control herbicide product.

STREAMLINE: Ease, precision, reliability.

BRAND POSITION: The name Streamline underscores the precision with which this product attacks only invasive brush, not native plants.

VISIT: Streamline


PerspectivePROJECT: Selective weeding and invasive species management herbicide product name.

PERSPECTIVE: A broad view.

BRAND POSITION: The name Perspective underscores the concept of seeing the broad view, the “big picture,” and the full control obtained by clearing out weeds and invasive plants from public areas.

VISIT: Perspective


ViewpointPROJECT: Brush control herbicide product name.

VIEWPOINT: A broad view.

BRAND POSITION: The name Viewpoint underscores the concept of seeing the broad view, the “big picture,” and open vista after clearing out the toughest brush species.

VISIT: Viewpoint


PrevathonPROJECT: Naming an insecticide product for rice and vegetable growers in the Asian market.

PREVATHON: Long lasting (“marathon”) prevention.

BRAND POSITION: The name connotes long-lasting crop protection and is easily understand across diverse global markets.

VISIT: Prevathon


AgilityPROJECT: Herbicide product name.

AGILITY: Flexible, nimble.

BRAND POSITION: The name Agility maps to product’s ability to control a wide spectrum of broadleaf weeds in a variety of situations, from fallow fields to post-emergence crop protection. Agile, nimble, a go-to product for many different situations.

VISIT: Agility


CoragenPROJECT: Name for an insecticide to be used on various types of vegetable crops in multiple world markets.

CORAGEN: An invented name playing off concepts of “core,” “generation” and “engine.”

BRAND POSITION: Maps to being a “core” product in the farmer’s arsenal, providing long-lasting control of a broad spectrum of insects at low application rates in a wide variety of crops, and exhibiting an excellent environmental profile.

VISIT: Coragen


AllyPROJECT: Herbicide product name.

ALLY: The farmer’s partner in crop protection.

BRAND POSITION: The name Ally maps to product being the farmer’s trusted partner for selective postemergence broadleaf weed control in winter and spring crops of wheat & barley, and fallow.



AltacorPROJECT: Stone and pome fruit herbicide product name.

ALTACOR An invented name playing off “high” (Alta) and “core.”

BRAND POSITION: The name Altacor maps to the idea of the product providing high-level (“alta”) “core” fruit and nut crop protection in the form an an advanced, targeted, more environmentally-conscious pesticide.

VISIT: Altacor


FerterraPROJECT: Name a granular (used in-ground) insecticide targeting various rice crop pests for the Indian market.

FERTERRA: An invented name playing off “fertile land” (terra).

BRAND POSITION: The name Ferterra maps to the positioning of the product as helping to establish “fertile land” (terra) for a rice crop, as well as alluding to the product’s in-ground use.

VISIT: Ferterra