Antidote: continuing medical education (CME) name

Antidote CMEPROJECT: Create a new company name for Medical World Conferences, providers of continuing medical education (CME) for primary care professionals.

ANTIDOTE: A cure for the common name.

BRAND POSITION: The new name had to be warm, human, distinctive, eye-catching, memorable, and yet map back to medicine and the core service of continuing medical education. It also needed to work outside of the medical sector. Antidote is positive, proactive, unique and remarkable in the world of CME providers, and works on several levels for both the CME audience and future audiences. Antidote is also the remedy for medical professionals who dread the thought of compulsory CME. Further, because Antidote literally conveys “cure” and “remedy,” it is an aspiration shared by all medical professionals – indeed a big benefit of CME is to learn about new cures and treatments.

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