Naming Process

The Beginning of a Naming Adventure

Most companies that settle for a mediocre name do so because they fail to understand that a name is the single most important element of your brand strategy. When you have great name, people will remember it, talk about it, and have an emotional connection to your brand. The name becomes a natural and authentic extension of your brand, and demonstrates to the world the values of your brand positioning.

At Zinzin we strongly believe that having a powerful brand name will be one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. However, we also believe that we are NOT naming your company or product. We are, instead, naming the positioning of your company and product, the unique tone, personality, ideas and story you want your brand to express to the world. All great names support the positioning of the business or product they speak for and find a unique way to reinvigorate or change the conversation that an industry has been having with its customers.

Our naming process begins with understanding everything about your brand, where it’s been and where it’s headed, your competition, and your entire industry. Throughout the naming process, we will work together with you to refine the brand positioning based on our discussions of actual names, because the more specific and nuanced the positioning, the more effective the name will be.

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