Our Story

Zinzin is a naming and branding agency that creates powerful product and company names to propel and differentiate brands beyond their competition. We are committed to helping companies rise above the generic branding chatter that clogs cultural discourse. We want to set your brand free.

It is our belief that naming is a science, and for that we have a rigorous, battle-tested process in place. But we also firmly believe that naming is an art, and it is the art and poetry potential of names that separate companies from the pack of competitors who fail to understand the value of a great name. Coming up with a great name is an art, and a great naming process is a science. Science + art = the most powerful project outcome.

The pages in this section of our website tell you a little about us, our history, and the multiple layers of meaning in our name. For more about our philosophy in its purest form, check out the Manifesto; it is also included in our Naming Guide PDF download, which is handy for printing and sharing with members of your team.

Zinzin. Where names come from.