“You’re too good for us.”

One day while I was composing,           the telephone
 rang.                A  lady's  voice  said,
   "Is  this  John  Cage,            the  percussion
 composer?"      I  said,  "Yes."      She  said,
         "This  is  the  J.  Walter  Thompson  
Company."      I  didn't  know  what  that  was,
        but  she  explained  that  their  business
 was  advertising.                She  said,
   "Hold  on.                One  of  our  directors
 wants  to  speak  to  you."      During  a  pause
my  mind  went  back  to  my  composition.
       Then  suddenly  a  man's  voice  said,
     "Mr.  Cage,            are  you  willing  to  
prostitute  your  art?"      I  said,  "Yes."      He
 said,  "Well,            bring  us  some  samples
Friday  at  two."      I  did.                After
hearing  a  few  recordings,            one  of  the
 directors  said  to  me,            "Wait  a  minute."
     Then  seven  directors  formed  what  looked
like  a  football  huddle.                 From  this
     one  of  them  finally  emerged,             came
 over  to  me,              and  said,              
"You're  too  good  for  us.                    We're
 going  to   save   you   for   Robinson   Crusoe."

~John Cage, Indeterminacy No. 53

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