Ngram slam: the Detroit Tigers beat the San Francisco Giants after all!

Detroit Tigers vs. San Francisco Giants ngram

Take heart all ye wounded Detroit Tigers fans: sweet revenge is at hand! In the truest measure of immortal greatness, the “Motor City Kitties” have trounced “The G-Men” by being mentioned much more in books of all stripes. The stark evidence is seen in the above Google Ngram of all mentions appearing in books in the Google Books corpus (over 5.2 million books digitized by Google) from 1958, the year the New York Giants became the San Francisco Giants, until 2008, the most recent year available.

So while us stunned San Franciscans do our best to keep chins up and host a “victory” parade and celebration tomorrow, Hurricane Sandy-splashed Tigers fans can rejoice in this more powerful n-gram victory. Oh well, at least we took the World Series, with whatever small consolation that brings.

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