Lore. Born April 23, 2012.


Zinzin is very proud to announce the birth today of our newest name: Lore, a re-branding of the online education and learning management service Coursekit. Lore is knowledge acquired through education or experience, shared between people and passed down across generations. Literally the body of knowledge, especially of a traditional, anecdotal, or popular nature, on a particular subject. Learning, knowledge, or erudition that transcends book learning. That which is known about a specific subject or situation: data, fact (used in plural), information, intelligence, knowledge. A body of traditional beliefs and notions accumulated about a particular subject: folklore, legend, myth, mythology, mythos, tradition. That which is known; the sum of what has been perceived, discovered, or inferred: information, knowledge, wisdom.

Lore starts with word-of-mouth, it ends with common wisdom. And lore isn’t just about ancient history. It can also be contemporary: film lore, music lore, sports lore. Whatever lore you’re talking about, it’s clear that people need and love their lore. And soon all college students and professors will too. Lore is the perfect name for a company that is changing the game of managing higher education, from courses to a sharing of knowledge between professors and students, and from student to student. Think of it as a powerful social network for learning.

And speaking of love, it is no coincidence that Lore is only one letter removed from Love. You can see this graphically in the fantastic Lore logo, with its echoes of the famous Robert Indiana LOVE painting (1966) and subsequent sculptures (beginning 1970). The LOVE series is nearly as iconic as Milton Glaser’s I(heart)NY logo, and a great way to at least subconsciously connect the service Lore provides with a feeling of love. The students and professors already using Lore certainly love it, but it also taps into the higher aspirations of love of learning, love of knowledge, and love of sharing knowledge. There’s a whole lotta’ love behind Lore.

Lore is the perfect name for this transformational company and service. It stakes its claim as the the one to beat in this growing market, and while competitors may offer alternate ways to exchange educational information, only one can ever facilitate the exchange of lore. More than information, more than data, more than the functional tools and building blocks of college education today, Lore can become the go-to network for the exchange of  knowledge, a very powerful idea.

Welcome to the world, Lore.

(Here is our case study for Lore.)

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  1. Brand New has a nice writeup on the Lore name change and graphic identity, though I disagree with their fear that “LO-RE” in the logo might connote “low-res.” Like names, most people don’t deconstruct words into negatives like this–that’s the purview of critics. Instead, I see “LO” (pay attention, “lo and behold”) and “RE” (regarding) in the logo parts. But mainly it’s all LORE.

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