And When The Germans Called I Could Not Find The Paperwork: Big Wrench by Chris Burden

 Big Wrench, 1980 by Chris Burden
Big Wrench
Chris Burden
1980, 15:12 min, color, sound
In this narrative performance for video, Burden tells the story of his relationship with a truck named “Big Job.” To relate his autobiographical monologue, he sits deadpan before the camera with moving images of the truck behind him. Writes Burden, “During a six-month period, while the artist wrestles with the problem of owning an antique 16,000 lb. freight-truck, Big Job becomes a metaphor for personal insanity. [I] talk about the ‘curse of Big Job,’ my foiled plans to transform the truck into a rolling communications command post or a traveling museum, and my difficulty in getting rid of the rig. A true story.”
Producer: La Mamelle.

Source: Electronic Arts Intermix
Video: Static Reaction

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