Zinzin’s Naming Guide Will Show You The Way

Whatever face you, your company or your product presents to the world, that is your brand. And every brand begins with a name. This an opportunity to create a memorable brand name that will be a leader in your industry and talked about for years to come. The free Zinzin Naming Guide will show you how, whether you are a large company, a small business or a brand new start-up about to launch.

The Guide includes the Zinzin Naming & Branding Manifesto built right in. You can also download the Manifesto alone as a separate, beautifully formatted PDF. Use it to help us spread the word about what great naming and brand development is all about.

Download Format Size Version Updated
Zinzin Naming Guide 84 page PDF 1.9mb 3.5 January 14, 2014
Zinzin Naming & Branding Manifesto 39 page PDF 132kb 1.5 August 6, 2013