Zinzin Naming Guide and Client Reviews

Whatever face you, your company or your product presents to the world, that is your brand. And every brand begins with a name. This an opportunity to create a memorable brand name that will be a leader in your industry and talked about for years to come. The Art of Naming,  Zinzin’s free naming guide, will show you how, whether you are a large company, a small business or a brand new start-up about to launch.

Download Format Size Version Updated
Zinzin Naming Guide: The Art of Naming 100 page PDF 2.1mb 4.4 January 21, 2016
Zinzin Naming & Branding Manifesto 39 page PDF 132kb 1.5 August 6, 2013
Zinzin Client Reviews 16 page PDF 889kb 1.2 November 16, 2015

The Guide includes the Zinzin Naming & Branding Manifesto built right in. You can also download the Manifesto alone as a separate, beautifully formatted PDF. Use it to help us spread the word about what great naming and brand development is all about.

The Zinzin Client Reviews PDF consists of in-depth research and interview-based reviews of the experience of working with Zinzin from four of our previous clients. The research and interviews were conducted by Clutch, a business services vendor research and ranking firm that we named (see the Clutch case study).