A Brilliant Product Name That’s Emblematic of Baseball Zen

There are a handful of genuine wooden baseball bat brands, of which Louisville Slugger is the most famous. But the coolest bats have to be those made by the Texas-based Warstic Wood Bat Co. For Warstic, baseball is battle, and the drama played out at the plate between pitcher and batter is our modern samurai epic. Each Warstic bat features a unique “Wartip” color stain and a trademark “Warstripe” emblem, evoking the “war paint” of Native Americans.

Warstic, however, plays it cool by not being over-the-top or in-your-face with the “war” and “battle” metaphors, as demonstrated by the spelling “Warstic,” which could even be the name of an obscure Polish batmaster, in lieu of the more obvious — and less interesting — “War Stick.” Mainly, the brand conveys a heightened state of mind, one of Zen-like concentration in the middle of the heat of battle, evoking “The Art of War” more than war itself. In their very name, Warstic knocked it out of the park.

[ Warstic ]

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