The Compendium of Amazing Names (CAN): V

Vagisoft Blanket

Ok, the name “Vagisoft” seems like a Saturday Night Live parody of a feminine hygiene product; paired with “Blanket,” it starts to seem weird(er). But it really is a blanket, with an outrageous name that is both serious and a parody at once. The Vagisoft Blanket from our friends at Betabrand is promoted as being so soft and cuddly, it’s Vagisoft. How soft is that? On their “Soft-O-Meter,” it is second from the top, softer than “the pouch of a cloud kangaroo” but not quite as soft as “the womb of a marshmallow mermaid.” This is a great example of what a truly evocative name is all about. Equally important, the name is backed up by a solid brand that always demonstrates its positioning, rather than just explaining it, through great copy, product names and features such as the Soft-O-Meter.

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We created the name Veneer for a full-service interactive design studio that also happens to be Zinzin’s partner for web development, identity design, and social media. The name plays off the notion of beauty only being skin deep, a “veneer” on the surface of things, while Veneer is all about great back-end web development as well a pretty face.

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