The Compendium of Amazing Names (CAN): T


A Cool Name For A Hip Downtown Chicago Business Hotel

An urbane (and urban) name we created for an upscale business hotel in the heart of the Chicago Loop. Conveys the wit, humor, sophistication and urbane fun of this hotel that has changed the rules about what a business hotel is and can be.

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The Perfect Onomatopoetic Name For What It Does

Twitter is one of the best brand names in years. A real word that means the chirps and tweets of bird communication, as well as meaning “to talk a lot about unimportant things,” it maps perfectly to the now ubiquitous global communications platform for short micro-messages. Both a noun and a verb, it naturally lends itself to verb usage, as well as a host of related words: tweets, twits, tweeps, twerps and more, a veritable corpus of twittery tweetology that has sprung up in the twittersphere. It’s also onomatopoetic and just plain fun to say. The Twitter name and service just make so much sense, because “The great discoveries are usually Obvious” (Philip Crosby).

Trivia: Twitter’s famous blue bird mascot and logo is named “Larry the Bird,” after hall of fame basketball player Larry Bird.

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