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So, why exactly is a name so important? The answer is simple: first impressions matter, and a company or product name is the first point of audience contact with your brand. In many respects, the name is the brand, setting the tone and telling the story of your brand to the world. Your name represents your business in the most fundamental way, and everything you do or ever will do begins with your name. That’s why it’s vital to get the name right.

At Zinzin, we believe in the power of real, human language, in names that have rich meaning and depth. Names that are born from a rigorous, logical and battle-tested naming process, yet aspire to poetry and art. We help you to dream big, with names that will create lasting impressions and inspire an emotionally engaged and loyal audience. In short, we want to set your brand free — free from the commonplace, free from the forgettable, free from your competition.

Let There Be Names.

T.S. Eliot wrote that the world will end with a whimper, not a bang. Perhaps. But it began most evocatively with a Big Bang. Did the Big Bang know itself by that name as it was happening? Doubtful – the name came much later. In our world today, however, everything begins with a name. As you embark on the adventure of naming your company or product, you have the opportunity to create a Big Bang or a little whimper. Do the right thing – make a Big Bang.

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The Value Of A Powerful Name

A powerful name elevates a brand above and beyond the particular goods or services that you sell. It creates a memorable and lasting impression out in the world, and even has the potential to elicit smiles, word-of-mouth buzz, and press coverage. Powerful names tell rich stories by drawing from a deep pool of meaning, history, myth and idiom. When your brand has a great name, it stands apart from the competition, and demonstrates that you are industry leaders. When your brand has a powerful name, you don't have to spend as much precious marketing capital trying to convince the world of your uniqueness — you are unique.

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The Road To An Amazing Name

At Zinzin, we believe that choosing a brand name will be one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. The potential power of a name is its ability to demonstrate the ideas and qualities that you are looking to communicate. Brands that do so reinvigorate or change the conversation that an industry has been having with its customers. Our naming process begins with a thorough investigation of your brand, your competition, and your industry. Next, we develop the brand positioning: the big picture story you want to tell, and the unique tone and personality to tell it with. Finally, we create and present names that map to and support the brand positioning.

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Embrace The Strange

It's not always easy to take the leap into the void required to adopt a name for your company, product or service that transcends marketing and becomes part of the culture. To do so requires delving into unfamiliar territory, and that can seem scary and strange. To create uncommon names, you have to surround yourself with uncommon sources of inspiration. That's why in our blog we write not just about naming and branding issues, but also about the art, literature, film, poetry, science and culture that inspires us. We hope you find our subjects as interesting — and perhaps a little strange — as we do.

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Let's Talk

We'll be happy to talk to you about your naming project, and go into greater detail about our philosophy and process. We specialize in brand name development, tagline development, brand strategy, brand architecture, trademark issues, global linguistic screening, and domain and social media naming. We look forward to continuing the conversation, and would love to be your partner on this journey.

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